Iron Infusions

Experiencing tiredness, fatigue and lethargy?

Iron infusions can now be performed at Booragoon Medical Centre. Some doctors are treating their own patients in addition to others referred by our other doctors.

General symptoms exhibited with low iron stores are general tiredness, fatigue and lethargy. Dizziness, light-headedness and poor concentration can also occur along with other symptoms.
A reason for low iron should be investigated-incorrect diet may be one cause but there are others that should be checked.

An appointment with your doctor is essential for these reasons. Also, before an infusion is performed, blood tests will be requested so as to determine the dosage of iron you will receive during the infusion.

An iron infusion intravenous solution that is used in the treatment of iron deficiency conditions. Iron is an essential element required by the body for its oxygen carrying properties and it plays an important role in many other vital processes in the body.

This solution is used when oral supplements and/or iron injections are ineffective or cannot be used. The aim is to replenish iron stores and to correct anaemia.

Important information:

  • You do not have to fast for this procedure.
  • Take all of your normal medication.
  • You can drive home after the infusion (Unless there are unexpected reactions) and resume normal activities.
  • If you are given a script, please fill it and bring it to your infusion appointment.
  • You will have an IV (Intravenous line) cannula injected, please wear warm clothes, that have loose arms.
  • Make your you have a toilet stop before the procedure starts.
  • Bring along a book/iPad/iPhone to keep occupied, you may be with us for up to 90 minutes.
  • You will be monitored during the procedure by nurses who check: Blood pressure, temperature, pulse and breathing rates.
  • As with all medications, there is a risk of side effects. Ferinject may cause usually minor side effects although this will not apply to every patient. The most common side effect is headache. Other common side effects, which are generally minor, include:
    • Dizziness (1%)
    • Nausea (3%)
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Skin rash
    • Local reaction to the infusion site (redness, slight swelling)
    • some patients report a metallic taste in their mouth
    • A ‘cold’ feeling may also be experienced in your arm at the site of the IV insertion. Risks of severe allergic reactions are very low.
    • Risk of skin staining
  • Please tell the doctors and/or nurses if you are feeling unwell or any of the side effects
  • You will be asked to wait in the practice for 30 minutes following the infusion
  • Fee $250.00 with Medicare rebate $71.70 and you will need to bring own iron.

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